Or Ben-dor

CEO and founder:

Nearly 10 years of technical carrier and my foundation is about hospitality.

"I have always searched for the right foundation and to become
the next leading app or service to conquer the market,
but as an IT manager and consultant, the industy had all that it needed.
it was always the customer who came with the new ideas and great new solutions.
this is how Tuesday came to mind, as a bussiness traveller, a tourist! a Customer!!.
our customers are the best founders in our profession industry."

Let your guests manage their stay with TueStay's global app...

Your guest will get the experience of staying in a "Smart Room." The communication between you and your guest has never been easier. All of your selling services can be conducted through the app, leading to many more sales. The guest will be able to direct their housekeeping, which will save you manpower wasted on additional and time-consuming cleaning requests.

TueStay Reward program

A survey conducted in the US found that 20% of all travellers decided which hotels to stay at based on their membership reward program. Another 30% agree that their reward program is more important than the hotel location or prices. This is why joining our service will bring you exponentially more new and returning guests to your hotel, helping you compete with big chains. You will join our significant ecosystem of customers that shares guests worldwide, with huge benefits to each member.

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